Teacher Zone

We believe that it's vitally important to educate young people about the role that electricity plays in our lives, and the dangers involved when it's not treated with respect.

Our Teacher Zone is filled with activities that can be completed as part of solo study,  group work, or as a whole classroom; including worksheets, educational games, and instructional videos appropriate for a range of Key Stages. 

Contact our Education Officer, Nick South, for more information about our learning resources. 

Contact our Education Officer

STEM Education Support

Local groups across the Midlands, South West and South Wales can now apply for a share of our £250,000 fund if they have an innovative project idea that will inspire children to engage with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) subjects beyond the regular school curriculum. Click the link below to find out more 

Community Matters Fund now open

Classroom Game

Hazard Heroes is a 'spot the dangers' style game that can be played by students individually, in small groups, or as a whole classroom.

Players are invited to join Pylonman as he identifies 13 dangers hiding in the town of Ohmford, and then learn how best to keep the community safe. 

The game takes between 40 and 60 minutes to complete, and can be played on an interactive whiteboard, a desktop machine, or a tablet device. 


Learning materials for subjects in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths.

Arts & Music

A range of activities perfect for Art, Design, and Music lessons. 


Puzzles and activities that get you moving! Perfect for PE lessons. 


A range of games, worksheets and other classroom activities perfect for PSHE and Citizenship lessons. Activities focus on staying safe around electricity and how electricity impacts your community.

English & History

Learning materials for English Language and Linguistics, English Literature, and History. 

Child Safety Video

This fun animated video explains:

  • what electricity is
  • where electricity comes from
  • how electricity is used in our homes
  • how electricity travels around the world
  • how electricity can be dangerous
  • how to stay safe around electricity

The video is just under 4 minutes long.

Safety worksheets

Pylonman teaches all about staying safe around electricity. 

Green energy worksheets

Join Eco-bot to learn all about green and renewable energy!

Understanding electricity worksheets

Jen-erator is here to help you understand more about electricity and how it's made.


Fun, educational videos that explore key themes around electricity. Including:

  • What electricity is
  • How electricity is made
  • Staying safe around electricity
  • Electricity in your home
  • Electricity in your community

Circuit Squad Grid Defenders

Team up with the Circuit Squad

Meet Circuit Squad

Meet Jen Erator, Pylonman, Switch and Eco-bot. They're brimming with energy, and here to teach you all about electricity!

Who we are

Our job at National Grid is to keep the lights on. Find out more about who we are and what we do here in this short animation.

Episode 1: Introduction

Meet Pylon Man: super hero, protector, keeper of safety, defender of children and friend to all!

Episode 2: Who are we?

Pylon Man introduces his good friends and explains who they are and what they do.