Power Choice

English and debating skills will be honed in this activity, centered around green energy and nuclear power. Including key facts, instructions and examples.

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Power Choice

Worksheet Parent/Teacher Renewable energy Humanities PSHE/Citizenship KS2

Using the internet or books, children should find out about nuclear power and write a list of pros and cons.

Divide the class into two and prepare for a debate. One team should prepare arguments for nuclear power, while the other team should prepare arguments against. Give the teams at least 15 minutes to prepare.

Before the debate starts, ask the children to suggest rules for following a successful debate. For instance, they should speak in turn and not shout.

Appoint a ‘chairperson’ to govern the debate and make sure the rules are followed. Each team needs a ‘spokesperson’, who can then nominate members of the team to speak in turn.

After the debate, each child should summarise what they have learnt about the issue and decide if they are ‘for’
or ‘against’. You could have a class vote to finish.

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